Monday, September 10, 2012

Commercial Break - SeaChange Cafe

SeaChange Cafe
3/20 The Strand, Dee Why,
NSW, Australia 2109

It is easy to spot SeaChange Cafe from the long row of restaurants that line The Strand at Dee Why. It is the only one with a queue. Regretfully, it must have been the scent of the salty beach air that made us order the Seafood Platter. We should have stuck to our original plan and ordered from the all-day breakfast menu. The Seafood Platter was still great, but the plates of breakfast food that were being served to other diners were looking pretty scrumptious. Next time.

Seafood Platter for Two

We love that it has a kiddie menu.

Fish and Chips from the Kiddie Menu

Always a plus when a resto provides paper and crayons

Burning off some calories while enjoying the weather and scenery

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